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Your Tarot Card based on Birthday

Your Personal Tarot Card based on your date of Birth.  What does your personal tarot card say about you?

Automatic Writing and how to Do it

All you need to know about this form of mediumship and how to practise it    

Mediumship types and how to recognise them

Introduction to the different types of Mediumship and how to recognise them

7 tips for Magical Growth and Progress

Which skills and notions will allow you to progress as a Modern Witch?

Full Moon Love Spell

Invoke Love in your Life with the power of the Full Moon  

Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits

Which spirit is trying to contact you ? Try our Spirit Deck - Oracle 

Which Psychic ability is more developed in you? Answer the Questions!

Which Magical Ability is stronger in you ? Find out here!   

A Wishing spell for the New Year with the blessings of...

Get ready for the New Year with powerful Solstice Magic  

Rose of Jericho and the Water of Resurrection

The Magnificent Qualities of the Desert Rose and how to tap into its Magical Powers.