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a Magic Mirror Beauty Spell

A way to enhance your beauty and magnify your charms

A Wishing Yantra Spell

Ancient Sanskrit Magic and Spells from India & Hinduism: A Wishing Spell from India! Here I am going to give you a spell to make...

How to Send a Dream

Dream Magic is considered one of the truest and most powerful forms of Magic. Why? Because this type of Magic uses the most profound...

How to Protect Your Room from Dark Arts

We've certainly described in detail the art of protection in several articles. You see, we believe that your magical safety should come first, especially...

How to Find Your Totem Animal

A spell to connect and conjure your Familiar - Totem Animal  

Reversing a Curse with Sea Magic

The Sea is known for her unimaginable powers. Every Sea, every ocean is a living deity with multiple powers. Ancient Greeks knew that, this...

A spell to invite a lover (or more than one)

A candle burning magic spell to help you attract a lover, or more than just one, focusing on carnal satisfaction.

Truth Spell: Rune Magic to find out the Truth

Rune Magic: Truth & Dare!

Elemental Magic: A spell for each Element from Grandmother’s Grimoire

Elemental Magic is the heart of magical practice for many witches throughout the centuries. It's simple, effective and most likely doesn't require much. There...