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Karmic Zodiac Love Match

50 Shades of Zodiac Passion - find out your sign's most passionate and interesting matches!

Medical Astrology: What’s your Body’s Weak Spot?

Astrological Signs & health issues, diseases and accidents, From Chaldeans and Hippocrates to modern Western World

The Genealogical Tree of the Planets (Hindu and Western)

  Although the post about the Vedic Saturn is expected, I thought that it would be a good time to post an article about the...

Venus in Vedic Astrology and Lord Sukra

Lord Sukra (Shukra) Vedic Astrology : Venus and Lord Sukra (Shukra)   In Vedic Astrology planet Venus has a female nature. It also considers Mercury, Saturn and...

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology and Lord Guru

Vedic Astrology : Jupiter and Lord Guru (Brihaspati) In Vedic Astrology planet Jupiter has a male nature. It also considers Sun, Moon and Mars as Friends,...

Mercury in Vedic Astrology and Lord Budha

  Vedic Astrology : Mercury and Lord Budha   In Vedic Astrology planet Mercury has a neutral nature concerning its sex. That means it is neither male...

Mars in Vedic Astrology and Lord Kuja (Mangala)

Vedic Astrology  Mars and Lord Kuja (Mangala)   In Vedic Astrology planet Mars has a male nature. It also considers Sun, Moon & Jupiter as Friends, Venus and Saturn as Equals & Mercury and Rahu as Enemies. Remember that Moon considers Mars as Equal. So, the relation of...

The Moon in Vedic Astrology and the God Chandra or Soma

In Vedic Astrology planet Moon has a female nature. It also considers Sun and Mercury as Friends, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn as Equals...

The Sun in Vedic Astrology!

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun has a male nature. It also considers Moon, Mars and Jupiter as Friends, Mercury as Equal (the relation...